Need help finding the right sized tent for your event?

Use our space planner to help you choose.

Design your event below to get a recommended tent size.

First tell us how many guests you will have and how you wish to use the tent.

That's all we need to suggest a tent for your event.

After sumbitting the information below, a printable version of what you desire at your event will be given.  Bring this sheet to our interview and we can discuss with you the best options for your event. 

Number of Guests - How many people do you want to fit under the tent?
Number of Guests

Seating Style - How will you use the tent?
Seated Dining (assumes 10 guests per table)
Ceremony Seating (allows for 4' aisle and cermeony space)
Cocktail Party (allows for comfortable lounge space for your event)

Buffet Stations - Choose a buffet style and quantity for your event.
8' Standard Buffet
16' Standard Buffet
3 x 60" Round Cloverleaf Buffet
Cheff Station Buffet
Ranked 48" Round Buffet
3 Serpentine Buffet
60" Round Table
Traditional 16' Capped Buffet

Accessory Tables - Choose these for gift / cake / DJ / check in, etc.
60" Round Table
48" Round Table
6' Round Table
48" Square Table

Lounge Stations - Choose lounge furniture for your event
4' x 4' Ottoman
Cocktail Tables

Bar & Beverage Stations - Choose a bar(s) for your event
8' Bar with 6' Back
8' Bar with 8' Back
3 x 6' Bar Horseshoe
2 Serpentines with 8' Back
Serpentine Bar with 6' Back
8' Bar

Dance Floor Stage
Dance Floor

Miscalleneous Event Needs
Blackjack Tables
Craps Tables
Sound & Lighting Board
10' Booths